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12. mai 2009

Surprise - appreciation - thank you - goodbye party - for Brett & Cortney

I met Brett and Courtney at a week-end get-away with the Quest-group I got introduced to through a friend of a friend of mine. I feel like all the relations in that group have similar weird back-stories :)

They came with Kelly and Jessica from USA on a mission of meeting students here in Norway and bringing them together, and they truly have fullfilled the goal! Through the events arranged by Quest I have met soooo many new and wonderful people.

Brett and Courtney are wonderful people, christians and leaders. They always have a smile and a supportive word for you, they are wise, yet humble in their service and you can truly see the glory and the love shinig from them.

Brett and Courtney: you are important to me! Thank you for wonderful times.

So today we had a good bye-party for them. They aren't leaving for a while, but during these exam-times, this was a fitting day. 30 or so people gathered at Kelly and Linn's place to surprise the two, who, where actually just going to studygroup:) And they where surprised!

Lots of good food and nice people made a(nother) wonderful Quest-evening. And we all chipped in for "pocket-money" for their trip to Italy, so now they can enjoy a even more blessed and WELL-deserved vacation:)


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