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5. april 2011

It's all me yarnswap

I am so humble, grateful and baffled. Both of my gifts arrived friday, but I was away, and just got a peek sunday, and they blew me away

Absinthannie sent me two skeins of white Knit Pick wool and various colors of acid dye, and I am sooo looking forward to dying my own special blend :) I also got a pattern of really funky felted bags, the cutest little key chain-crochet hook in my preferred size, some scrapping-supplies, a cute little bee and Jelly Beans and TWISSLERS! I had those once at an american friends going away-party, and have been pinig for them ever since.

Broadlea fullfilled the rest of my dreams. Actually, one of the skeins fell out of the picture, but I got some hand dyed merino/silk/cashmere-yarn, alpaca/wool in the color "texas wildflower", and two skeins of Ultra Alpaca (love the name!), a crocheted (croched, croched???) yarnpuch with some funky, bulky yarn in it, a gorgeus vintage project bag (with cowpatterned lining *heart*) made especially for me, a lovely vintage card (that is soooo amazing!!), the cutest metal buttons, the even cuterer little cow coin purse, a tag pad from my favorite scrap-brand, texas chewy pecan pralines and my absolute favorite liquorice brand, one black and one with mango flavour. It has always been a little weird to me that you have liquorice in other colours than black, but it made a good addition to my bagagge going away to work and live in a hotel these last few days :)

I AM SOOO SPOILED!!! Thanks, ladies, I just can't understand how you know me soooo well! Creepy!

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