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22. august 2011

I wish I could accomplish something great, all I ever did was easy
My road has been wide and straight, my steps went light and breezy

When the road turns I go backwards not to crumble
I am weak outside and in, I am heavy in all senses of the word.

I am grey as morning fog, bleak as winter rain, looking out
at the flowers blooming in the fields, following the narrow paths

I wish I didn't care, that I went out there without fear
of failing life and love and music, embracing real life and myself

I could just be, be bold and dance,instead of wanting to be anyone else
who has a harder road than me that crossed an ocean, climbed a mountain

I know I've had it easy, that's the problem, that's the trap that I am stuck in,
I don't know what trouble is, I wish I could accomplish something great, but all I'll ever do is easy

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